Personalized Photography Training

Whether you're purchasing your first camera, or you want to rekindle an old passion and don't know where to start, I've got you covered.

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Get learning

I offer personalized instruction for photographers of all levels of experience. I'll even help you choose the best camera and gear for your budget and needs

Course topics include

  • Choosing a camera
  • Unboxing and setting up your new camera
  • Understanding Exposure and Focus Techniques
  • Camera Functions
  • Shooting in Automatic and Manual Modes
  • Composing your photos
  • Focal Distance and lens selection
  • Personalized training is available for any subject you have in mind

Virtual or in person training

It's 2017. We can meet face to face no matter where you're located. If you're in the greater Orlando we can get together in person, and if not, then we can do it over the web. Come prepared with questions, and I'll bring easy to understand instruction, tips, and advice, as well as leaving you with ways to practice and photo assignments. 

For each session, you'll have my full an undivided attention for 40-50 minutes. Feel free to bring your camera and/or examples of your work.

Training starts at $100

Take this short questionnaire before your first training session